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Basic Coverage That All Businesses Need

General liability insurance is one of the most important financial products that your company will ever have. This type of coverage is the bare minimum you will need when it comes to protecting your business’s assets and your employees. General liability insurance will cover some or all of the expenses that take place after an employee is injured, a client is injured, business assets are damaged, or a lawsuit is leveled at your company. Even business owners that don’t opt for comprehensive coverage should have a general liability policy before opening.

Professional Liability and Product Liability

There are quite a few laws that protect consumers from issues such as unsafe products or products that do not operate as intended. If a customer believes that your product does not work as intended or has caused them harm, then product liability insurance will cover the expenses that arise from a lawsuit. Professional liability insurance (errors and omissions insurance) is similar to product liability insurance, but it is for companies that provide a specific service instead of a product. An example of this would be a cleaning company that damages a client’s belongings while cleaning their home.

Commercial Property Coverage

Damaged property is an issue that nearly every company is going to have to deal with at some point. Even companies with excellent safety and security features may find themselves struggling with expensive replacements and repairs that general liability insurance will not cover. As your business continues to grow, it is important to choose a policy that will grow alongside your company and its assets. This form of coverage is especially important for companies that own their own offices and storefronts.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

From the moment that you hire your first employee you will be legally required to have an employers’ liability insurance rider. This form of coverage is specifically designed to assist employees that have been injured or become sick while working for you. Failing to have this form of coverage could result in fines or a lawsuit. Companies that hire outside contractors that work off-site may be exempt from these laws.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Many small business owners make the mistake of believing that their own private auto insurance policy will be adequate for their business. Unfortunately, private auto insurance is often voided when a vehicle is used for any work-related activities such as meeting with a client or picking up office supplies. A commercial vehicle policy provides additional coverage and will protect the company if an accident does occur.

Umbrella Coverage and Business Owner Policy

As a business owner, you may want to bundle your policy or add more coverage at a later time, and this is where umbrella insurance and a business owner policy comes into play. Umbrella coverage simply extends the amount of liability insurance that protects your company. If the initial policy has been exhausted due to legal fees or mounting medical bills, then the umbrella coverage will provide additional financial support. You may also want to consider a business owner policy that bundles all forms of coverage into a single policy requiring only one payment.