Home Contents Insurance and All Risk Cover


In my previous article we discussed in depth what Home Contents Insurance covers, the various extensions are available under this policy section.

Now, when we leave home, the items we take with us to work, shopping etc. are no longer protected within the walls of our home that falls under home contents insurance. How can we protect these items? This is where All Risk cover plays an important part in short term insurance.

All Risk cover is divided into 2 sections namely, Unspecified Property and Specified Property.

Unspecified Property:

  • This cover is for everyday items of clothing and personal effects normally worn by or carried on one’s person.
  • It includes sporting equipment – but you can’t claim for it if it breaks while you are playing.
  • Excluded are: vehicle sound equipment, cell phones, electronic devices, bicycles, computer equipment, golf clubs, photo graphic equipment.

Specified Property:

  • Any item of property that is not covered under unspecified property.

Cover worldwide:

  • All risk is covered worldwide, so long as the duration of your stay does not excess 6 months.

What is very important to remember is that you as the client also needs to ensure that you are careful with your all risk items. Lack of maintenance, carelessly leaving items in an unattended vehicle etc. Plain and simple: Insurance is not there for carelessness. We rely on the client’s upmost faith that they take all the precautions necessary to safe guard there items. This cover can be costly. As you can understand you are putting these items under another risk. It is wise to do a list of the most important items you wish to insure. What all risk items are your lifeline to the outside world – laptop, cell phone, prescription spectacles?

The decision is up to each client as it needs to suit your pocket. Suggestions can be discussed with your broker who can advise you correctly.

In my next article I am going to discuss homeowners insurance.

And my motto for the week: Always try to be awesome!


Tracey Lee Delport

Senior advisor for Short Term insurance company PCFA

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  • Willie
    Posted at 12:14h, 20 October Reply

    You need to work with an insurance broekr who is used to dealing with these issues. Foreign travel and foreign citizenship are specialized life insurance risks. It will depend on your citizenship, how often and how long you visit, what type of visa you have here, etc. If you are approved without excluding certain territories, it will cover you regardless of where you are.

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