What is an insurance broker?

what is an insurance bropker

Being in the short term industry for almost 20 years, there is constant change.  With our lifestyles evolving, our wants and needs changing, businesses have to keep up to date with their daily demands.

With technology being what it is today boggles the brain.  We are so reliant and literally ruled by “the latest phone, Ipad, laptop etc”.  We are swayed by brand names.  Image is all about the latest technology gadget! We can view this in a positive manner and “go with the flow” or we can stand our ground and refuse change.

Life is all about choices.

Our attitude reflects how we feel about change.

Do you accept change?

Insurance is one of those avenues where change is inevitable.

Benefits, excesses, premiums, extensions,etc .

These are words widely used but never always understood by the client.

Under each section of a policy (Household Contents, Homeowners, All Risk Unspecified and Specified, Motor, Liability, etc) there will be benefits, excesses, premium and extensions.

It is imperative that these items are explained to you in detail before you SIGN ON THE DOTED LINE.

Are you signing blank forms?  Are you signing with a certain doubt of what cover you actually have?

Clients need to be aware that paying cheap is not always getting cheap.  You might be paying an extremely competitive premium, but what is your excess? Normally you only find out the SMALL PRINT in the event of a claim. That is why having a personal insurance broker can alleviate your doubt.

Direct marketing is growing fast and furious.  They cut out the middle man (the broker).   Premium wise this can be to your advantage, but if you claim or have a query you never able to build up a personal relationship with anyone.  You are constantly dealing with a call centre.

I am not against call centres by any means.  However as long as I have been in the sales field, I know that having a business relationship with someone builds trust and honesty.

Let’s take a look at what is an insurance broker and why using one will make your life a lot easier.

  • Brokers can offer a professional, friendly customer service. With our knowledge and experience we will be able to assess your individual needs to make a wise decision and ensured that your policy is suited for you.
  • There is also no hassle in obtaining competitive quotes. Brokers can do that for you.  We have the resources to compare quotations and make sure your rates are the best in the market place.
  • As a broker we will also ensure that you get your monies worth at the best possible premium.
  • We can also show you the fine print and make you aware of underwriting requirements you may not understand.
  • At the time of a claim, brokers can have a positive influence on how a claim is settled.
  • Underwriting queries are done on your behalf.
  • Renewals are discussed with you annually to ensure you are always on par with inflation.

Why not invest in a broker who has always “got your back” so to speak.

We are only a phone call away.


Tracey Lee Delport

Senior advisor for Short Term insurance company PCFA

T: 0860 777 232 F:  0861 779 999 | C:  072 391 9047 | E:  tracey@pcfa.co.za | W:  www.pcfa.co.za




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